Featured Demo: 1954 Fuzz

1954 Fuzz Demo

Hand Made Guitar Effects Pedals. Big Tone. Loud. Analog.

1948 Germanium Fuzz Extremely Pick Sensitive, Hand Made Germanium Fuzz with Matched Transistors. Big time Vintage Tones.

1954 Silicon Fuzz Screaming Fuzziness with Tuned Silicon. The Fuzz You Love at a Lower Cost.

The Banshee Boost Holy overdrive and boost. Will put a smile on your face.

Clarionix Guitar Buffer The only tuneable guitar buffer pedal. Get your tone back.

In college, I was in between majoring in classical guitar or a science field. I ended up studying electrical engineering because I wanted to be able to understand how my guitar and amps worked and I wanted to build my own. Seven years later I had a Ph.D. in solid state physics, integrated circuit design and RF engineering.

I have always had a passion for playing guitar and building guitar related equipment. The engineering is a natural extension and I have used it to design some really wicked pedals. The combination is extremely helpful because it enables me to visualize how circuits will sound and put them down on paper.

In addition, I was able to take good engineering practices to build pedals that are robust. I have always been very hard on my gear and I wanted to design something that would stand up to me.

After spending many years designing the different pedals, I thought why not try to sell some of them and ScreaminFX was born. I do this on the side mainly because its something that I really enjoy. There is nothing like putting a Fuzz or Overdrive in front of a halfstack.

At the various guitar shows and through the internet, I have made many friends and look forward to many more! Please check the pedals out and contact me anytime!

30 Day No Hassle Money Back! You need to try the pedals on your rig at home or on stage. If you buy one and it is not for you, please send it back unharmed and I will refund the purchase price no problem.

Free USPS Shipping to USA The pedals ship free using USPS Priority Mail. It usually takes 2-3 business days to get there and I will email you about the shipment

Watch your Email Please check to make sure the confirmation emails don't go to your spam. This seems to happen on occasion. The email will come from Seth at ScreaminFX

Delay Due to Backorder I will let you know immediately if the pedal you order is not in stock. I usually try to have several ready to go, but please remember that I build each one by hand. Then I test them to make sure they are exactly how I want. The hardest part is not rocking out for a long time when I test them!

News Feed and Updates:

Wah before or after a fuzz pedal?

Nov 30, 2012

Wah before or after a fuzz pedal?

Just wrote a quick article talking about a wah before a fuzz. It's on of the main reasons I designed the 1954 Fuzz. Will post a video to it soon.

We are in this Months Free Issue of Gearphoria, Page 14!

Sept 25, 2012


Gearphoria is an awesome new guitar magazine dedicated to tone. Its free online so mske sure to check it out!

Check out the New 1954 Fuzz Demo Video From Tim!

August 16, 2012

Tim just made a great demo of the 1954 Fuzz Pedal. Sounds really awesome! Find more of his reviews on Youtube as MIXERMANTIM

Stevie Ray Vaughan "Number One" Stratocaster Guitar

August 4, 2012

Stevie Ray Vaughan "Number One" Stratocaster Guitar is on display at the Bob Bullock Musuem until October 14. They have a ton of Texas Music history and is really worth checking out if you are around. Its extremely rare to see this SRV guitar! His brothers guitar is there too.

Stevie Ray Vaughan Number One Stratocaster Guitar Front Stevie Ray Vaughan Number One Stratocaster Guitar Back

What is a True Bypass Guitar Pedal?

Saturday, June 2, 2012

True Bypass

This is a new article that I just put together all about true bypass guitar pedals. I think they are better and explain why.

CONGRATS To the Dallas Guitar Show winner!!!

April 25, 2012

Congrats to Nathan from Dentin, TX! He was picked as the winner for the ScreaminFX drawing and chose the Banshee Boost Pedal! Check out his bands Seryn!!!

ScreainFX just registered for a booth at the Dallas Interational Guitar Festival 2012

April 11, 2012

Dallas Guitar Festival 2012

Come check the pedals out at the Dallas Guitar Festival from April 20-22! Try out the Banshee Boost and Fuzz Pedals. We are expecting a good response like SXSW where we sold out!

Thanks Again to Everyone Coming out and making SXSW Successful

March 24, 2012

It was really great to meet everyone! Hit me up with emails!

Special thanks to Boice Box pedal boards for providing such an awesome box to display my pedals in. Thanks to Monster cables for a couple of cables that made everything sound better! P3 amplifiers had some solid amps and it was great to meet them! And if you are in the custom keyboard market, check out Infinite Response!

Here are a couple pics of the booth! Check out more SXSW photos on my facebook page! Its me on the left and lawyer Jim on the right!

ScreaminFX Seth Lawyer Jim rocking out!

CONGRATS To the SXSW winners of the 1954 Fuzz and Banshee Boost Guitar Pedals

March 24, 2012

Congrats to Travis Brown, a local from here in Austin TX. He was picked as the winner of the 1954 Fuzz Pedal!

Congrats to Eric Escanes from Florida, he was picked as the winner for the ScreaminFX Banshee Boost Pedal! Check out his bands electrickif.com and suenalomusic.com!!!

Check out the New 1954 Fuzz Demo Video.

December 31, 2011

Just added a demo video for the 1954™ Fuzz Pedal with Fuzzsafe™ technology. This fuzz pedal sounds awesome with a Wah Wah in front of it which most fuzzes do not. It has a second clean volume boost stage so that even with the fuzz level turned down, you can maintain stage volume. Check out the video for a detailed demo.

Just added a new Clarionix Guitar Buffer Pedal and Demo Video.

November 24, 2011

Added the new Clarionix™ Guitar Buffer with Fuzzsafe™ technology. The buffer works great to drive long cables and will also work in front of a fuzz so you can use your wah wah with improved dynamic range. Once you click the link, scroll to the bottom for a demo and how to test your rig video.

Read this article to help determine the best fuzz pedal for you.

October 25, 2011

This is an in detail article all about the differences between germanium fuzz and silicon fuzz pedals. It has some historical information on transistors and explains why some people say silicon fuzz pedals sound harsher.

New Fuzz Pedals are Here! The 1954 Fuzz™ Silicon Fuzz and 1948 Fuzz™ Germanium Fuzz!

September 27, 2011

Original Graphic for the 1954 Fuzz Slicon Fuzz Original Graphic for the 1948 Fuzz Slicon Fuzz

Its been a long process to get these fuzz pedals how I want them, but they are finally here. There are two to choose from, a more limited production Germanium Fuzz the 1948 Fuzz and a vintage sounding Silicon Fuzz the 1954 Fuzz. They are carefully designed so that they are not harsh or grainy. Both are extremely responsive to pick attack and guitar volume adjustments. Preserve guitar treble tones by using the built in Black Magix™ Buffer. I also added in a volume stage that will allow you to choose low levels of fuzz but maintain your stage volume. Check them out!

1954 Silicon Fuzz - Vintage Sounds

1948 Germanium Fuzz - Get them while they last.

Finally ready for sale: Banshee Boost™ and Tone Pedal

September 1, 2011

Graphic For Banshee Boost and Tone Pedal

Right now I just completed the Banshee Boost and Tone Pedal. This stompbox sounds awesome and I can't wait to get some more clips up here. It is basically some JFETs that drive passive tone circuitry. The tone circuitry boosts your treble and makes the highs really shine through. I used a nonlinear resonant circuit that adds a slight flavor of pickup type distortion when cranked up. The overdrive on a tube amp this thing provides will make you never turn it off. When I rock out, I use two, one as a heavy overdrive and one as a permanent tone shaping boost circuit.

When to Use a Guitar Buffer Pedal

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Guitar Buffer Before many pedals

This is a new article that I put together on when to use a guitar buffer pedal. It starts out with the basics of what a buffer pedal is and then when (and when not) to use one. At the end are some calculations showing how input and output impedance effects your tone.

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