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Uverbia Spring Reverb Pedal.Uverbia Spring Tank Reverb Guitar PedalUverbia Size Compared to 1954 Fuzz

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The best analog reverb pedal with real spring tank... Here’s why:

Real spring reverb tank. Mind Blowing Tone. Nothing Like It Out There. My goal was to design a real spring reverb pedal that would be the best sounding available and offer new tonal possibilities. Nothing digital, no modeling anything. Just solid analog design and a real spring tank. Try whacking it! You'll hear the springs ring just like they should. It works across all musical genres, from surf to blues to modern rock to dark and soulful jazz. This pedal has something for everyone and probably more reverb than anyone needs.

Euphoric sounds

This guitar pedal does reverb, but it also makes some unheard of sounds because I enabled a completely Wet sound that goes through the ThunderTube driver circuit. What is the ThunderTube? ThunderTube is a JFET circuit which acts a heck of a lot like a real tube amplifier. Soft, supple yet ready to crank and give you a warm glowing distortion if you turn it up.

Details of how it works

The Uverbia is a real spring reverb pedal which has a driver that sends a signal to a spring tank in a similar manner to a guitar amplifier. The mind blowing tone comes from the fact that this pedal has a real spring tank, not a digital modeling unit that is commonly found in many pedals. Your signal goes through the set of real springs and reverberates back and forth. The Wet and original Dry signal is mixed and then run through a warm amplifier section with controllable gain profiling. This results in an unbelievable array of reverb sounds that you can't get with a digital chip.

Huge range of reverb tones

The Uverbia has a control for Dry / Wet and a control knob for the amount of Reverb sent through the tank. The Dwell of the springs can also be controlled which is basically the delay time and profile of the reverberation.


I designed the ThunderTubeTM solid state output driver which acts in a similar manner to a tube amplifier, when it's low you get a nice warm clean sound that makes you want to play a blues lick or two, when it is cranked, you get a subtle and warm distortion that enhances the harmonics and gives you new tones to play with. It can be used to enhance the sound of the reverb or to interact and drive your actual stage amplifier (like a tamed down TubeScreamer). This section controls the volume and gain of the Uverbia which works in conjunction with the Snap switch described below.

What do the Uverbia Spring Tank Reverb Pedal knobs do?


This knob controls the amount of clean signal going into the reverb tank Wet section.

Wet / Dry:

This knob controls the blend of Dry (no reverb) and Wet (Reverberated signal through the tank). Fully on, almost no signal goes through the Dry section of the Uverbia.


This knob controls the delay time and sound profile of the reverberated guitar signal through the tank section.


This knob controls the volume of the Uverbia.


This knob can be used to maintain stage volume (more gain from just the Volume knob) and also kick up the overdrive of the unit. When cranked, you can hear a warm distortion that pushes a tube amplifier into happiness.


This switch controls the gain profile of the ThunderTube section. One side has more treble, one side more gain across all frequencies and the middle is the flattest response. If Gain is cranked, this switch does not change the sound much.

Uverbia™ Specifications:

  • Handmade Reverb Pedal with real Spring Tank for a true reverb effect.
  • ThunderTubeTM output driver which gives a tube like feel and can be used to overdrive a tube amp.
  • Can be set 100% WET for underwater spacey sounds and still maintain stage volume.
  • Completely analog design with no digital modeling.
  • LED indicator when pedal is on.
  • True Bypass input and output (Will not load other pedals when off).
  • Powder coated enclosure with handmade screen printed graphics. Epoxy ink is extremely durable.
  • Draws <15mA current when on.
  • Handcrafted in USA.
  • (13.5") x (5") x (3" high including knobs)
  • Patent Pending.

No holes version with slight price reduction:

A bunch of musicians have asked me if I can build it without the holes which is no problem at all. Maybe you want to stack pedals on it or maybe you want to save a few bucks. No problem, just order the no holes version and I won’t cut the holes out. This means you CAN NOT see the springs and I will include an LED in the upper portion of the pedal. Your choice on color (blue or red).

Black Out Version (No holes, no graphics) Lowest Cost Option:

This version of the Uverbia is bare bones on the outside but has all the same circuitry and tones on the inside. Maybe you want to paint it yourself or save a few more dollars. The enclosure takes me a good amount of time to make so this version costs the least. Please note that none of the knobs are labelled so if your’re forgetful, it may not be for you. I can label it at no extra charge with enamel paint but I kind of like the sleek look more than my sometimes crooked handwriting. I am not sure how long I will make these for.

What is the story behind the Uverbia?

A really good musician friend of mine asked if I could design a reverb for an old vintage Gibson amp. I looked around and realized there are not many options out there if you want something that has a real spring tank. I took on the challenge of making one with no digital chip. Two years later and its ready. This design took a lot longer than I originally thought, turns out there is a large amount of engineering nights and weekends that goes into a real spring reverb to get it to sound really good like this. I finally did it and I hope you enjoy the awesome tone the Uverbia produces.

60 Day No Hassle Money Back!

You need to try the pedals on your rig at home or on stage. If you buy one and it is not for you, please send it back unharmed and I will refund the purchase price no problem.

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I will let you know immediately if the pedal you order is not in stock. I usually try to have several ready to go, but please remember that I build each one by hand which can take me a while if I have a long list or if my kid is extra fussy. Then I test them to make sure they are exactly how I want. The hardest part is not rocking out for a long time when I test them!


All pedals have a 3 year warranty from date of purchase and transfer to whoever owns the pedal at the time. If you sell it sometime in those first 3 years (hopefully never!), you can tell them it is still under warranty.

I really love the pedal. You made a great product! It's one of those pedals that inspires you to play more which is what I'm always looking out for. Again, really great job man. I was thinking about getting one of the other real spring verb pedals (Little Lanilei, Reverbamate, Carl Martin, Demeter) but I just can't see any of them sounding better and I know they don't have more functionality. I'm a bit of a budding spring junky in case you couldn't tell (currently have a Roland RE-201, a Furman RV-1, a Fostex 3180... and now the Uverbia!). Also, I'm probably selling my EHX Cathedral now that I have the Uverbia!
- Andrew Brassell - Susanna Hoffs' (Bangles) guitar player and writing/producing partner

Man, I’m lovin’ this pedal. I’m using Uverbia on everything I’m recording. Just the perfect addition, with my POD HD or the old Silvertone amp-in-case.
- Andy Schnieder

The Uverbia was delivered yesterday and it sounds as gooey as I imagined! Can dial in all sorts of workable tones, all the way up to those super thick waves of reverb I've seen demo-ed. And I LOVE the custom paint too. A+ my friend. Thanks again!
- Chris P - Garden City, NY

Videos Artists Made - Let me know if you make one and I can post it!

Cool Demo Recorded by Andrew After He Bought a Uverbia

Here is the link to the user manaul:

The Uverbia ™ Real Spring Tank Reverb Pedal User Manual

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