The Clarionix | Tuneable and FuzzSAFE| Guitar Buffer Pedal

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Clarionix Guitar Buffer with Tuneable FuzzsafeClarionix Guitar Buffer PedalClarionix Buffer Pedal

Price: $70.00
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Why The Clarionix Guitar Buffer Pedal?

One of the many positive Reviews:

My guitar technician went on to further compliment you for using an approach that an old hand would know but unfortunately these little touches of genius are lost over time. Bravo, sir. Really. I am really happy I went with you rather than installing a foxrox wah buffer or something similar in my favourite fuzzes. now I can play them all in their original state and with my new true bypass with their original sound. Check out the other reviews too under the Review tab!


Sound exactly how you want because you can adjust and tune the amount of buffering the Clarionix has to offer. It is the only and original one that has this. You need this if you put it before a fuzz pedal because it will save the fuzz tone. No other buffer has this. It will also reduce the strength as needed if you don't want the full brightness a buffer has to offer.

Lowest Price:

The Clarionix is professionally built and made to last. I sell a bunch of these and they work as advertised at a fair price. They are handmade and I test each one before I send it to you.


If you have long cable runs or are losing tone, this will bring back the treble. You can check by seeing if your guitar sounds the same with a short 3 foot cable directly into the amp compared to your full pedal board.


Because the buffer is tuneable, it is safe for your fuzz and does not ruin how it sounds. Many times, if you have too much buffer, it will make a fuzz fart.


The Clarionix works very well after a Wah Wah pedal to buffer it and keep it from making other pedals oscillate.


I designed this with low noise and simplicity in mind. I have minimal wire runs inside the buffer and proper grounding to reduce noise. I do not like opamp buffers and this one is single transistor. I think it is elegant.


If you are not sure about a buffer, please email me. I will try to talk you out of buying one unless I really think it will help you out. I can usually talk half of the people out of buying one. Many pedals already have buffers in them, some are always on. An easy way to figure out what you have is to google your pedal. If you email me, just let me know what pedals you have, in what order, if you always leave a pedal on and if you have any cables that are longer than about 20 feet. Hint: most likely if you leave something always on, you do not need one to buffer a cable. If you have a screeching oscillation, I can probably help.

Clarionix Specifications:

  • SMALL 3.5 X 1.5 x 1 inch powder coated enclosure
  • Control knob FuzzSafe Feature
  • Uses regular Boss power adapter up to 18V for large headroom
  • Pedal has been built with the highest quality parts available

Some key features are:

  • Analog guitar buffer with a single transistor that allows you to drive long cables
  • Brings back the treble to your guitar tone
  • Fuzzsafe™ technology allows the buffer to work well in front of fuzz pedals. Does not destroy the fuzz sound
  • Fuzzsafe™ technology allows you to use a wah wah in front of other fuzz pedals and maintain dynamic frequency range
  • Extremely low noise design with power supply filtering
  • No tone sucking. High input impedance and low output impedance
  • LED indicator when pedal is on
  • Powder coated enclosure with handmade screen printed graphics
  • Handcrafted in US

When I first started using Fuzz pedals and then when I was designing them, I wanted to get that screaming Hendrix tone while using my Wah Wah pedal. But, there was a big problem when I placed the wah in front of the Fuzz. Either it would oscillate and feedback or the wah just didn't sound good.

It seems obvious to add a buffer in between, but that caused another problem because then the Fuzz would sound really bad.

So, I developed a special tuneable buffer that was specifically targetted to go in front of Fuzz and other low impedance distortion pedals. When it is at full strength, its the same as any other guitar buffer. But, the key is that it can be tuned back so that your Fuzz sounds good.

Its the only guitar buffer pedal that can be tuned like this!

Originally I designed it into my 1948 and 1954 Fuzz Pedals, but people were asking me to make a stand alone version. This led to the Clarionix buffer!

60 Day No Hassle Money Back!

You need to try the pedals on your rig at home or on stage. If you buy one and it is not for you, please send it back unharmed and I will refund the purchase price no problem.

USPS Shipping (US Mail) to USA

The pedals ship using USPS Priority Mail. It usually takes 2-3 business days to get there and I will email you about the shipment

International Shipping

I ship internationally all the time and am becoming somewhat expert at it now. I have sent pedals everywhere! However, it costs more to ship internationally. The added cost for shipping this pedal internationally USPS first class is added in when you check out and is based on weight. This first class shipping takes about 3-4 weeks and depends on customs in your country. There is also a priority option, please email me but this is usually at least $40 and the pedal will arrive in 6-10 business days. If you have any questions or concerns please email me using the contact form.

Watch your Email

Please check to make sure the confirmation emails don't go to your spam. This seems to happen on occasion. The email will come from Seth at ScreaminFX

Delay Due to Backorder

I will let you know immediately if the pedal you order is not in stock. I usually try to have several ready to go, but please remember that I build each one by hand which can take me a while if I have a long list or if my kid is extra fussy. Then I test them to make sure they are exactly how I want. The hardest part is not rocking out for a long time when I test them!


All pedals have a 3 year warranty from date of purchase and transfer to whoever owns the pedal at the time. If you sell it sometime in those first 3 years (hopefully never!), you can tell them it is still under warranty.

You noted earlier that the Boss pedals already have buffers, so since I have a Boss pedal (a Keeley modded Blues Driver), it may not be a major difference in tone. However, with your buffer fully turned up, there is still a noticeable bump in treble sparkle. It's a cool little pedal. The knob for adjusting the buffer is pretty great - that's a feature I haven't seen in others. Really digging it and overall very happy. Thanks again.
- Chris L

Those buffer pedals are breathing life back to my sort of unorthodox chain. 2 channels loaded effects running each side into to channels Ax-Fx ii to my recording software
- Joe M.

The two Clarionix buffers you sent got here safely, and they sound great. I'm a big fan of octave fuzzes, and some of the ones I have can be persnickety. The Clarionixes give me the flexibility I need to find interesting pedalboard layouts. Thank you for offering these and getting them out so quick
- Greg C.

Hey man so I am soooo digging this pedal right now. There's no popping and the tone is right where I want it!!! And it looks killerrrr.. You solved my problem and I really appreciate it bro. Cheers to you, friend. Keep up the good work! Take care.
- Gabe H

Outstanding quality and application, thanks again for your efforts!
- Soma - Hungary

Clarionix Buffer and Fuzz Story from Luke:
I went by my new pedal technician to ask him about the possibility of installing a true bypass switch on the Clarionix. I explained the buffer and he said, noooo!!! you can't put a buffer before a fuzz; it changes the sound. I ignored him and told him to go ahead with the work anyway. a day later he said it was ready. I asked him what he thought of the buffer. his reaction was very interesting:
strange.... but he meant it in a good way.
he said this is a buffer but made in a strange way that works very well with a fuzz. he went on to explain that when I put it in true bypass, i must not put the buffer control level to max because (again) a very strange (good strange) thing in the circuit makes the buffer work really well with a fuzz at full level, but means that I can't leave it on full when it's in true bypass. I'm sure you know why more than I do. He went on to further compliment you for using an approach that an old hand would know but unfortunately these little touches of genius are lost over time.
and I'm really happy now. In fact, being able to switch back and forth has led me to discover that in fact I don't actually lose the 'original' 67 fuzz sound at all; i just have to move the buffer control accordingly to achieve the same sound.... the only difference is it sounds even better with the buffer.
Bravo, sir. Really. I am really happy I went with you rather than installing a foxrox wah buffer or something similar in my favourite fuzzes. now I can play them all in their original state and with my new true bypass with their original sound.
- Luke - Bologna, Italy

I like the pedal! It brings back clarity to my tone that otherwise gets lost in the longer cable runs. I run it after my fuzz and before all the other pedals but i am going to switch the these days to see which configuration works best.
- Ruben K

I got a chance to try the buffer. I noticed immediately it had an effect with my amp. A very positive one. My amps distortion is very honky or harsh sounding- the Vox usual. It made it sound more velvety and smooth almost like a Marshall. When I tried it with the Rat Distortion Pedal I had to turn it down a little but it started to make the Rat calm down. I tried it with my $40 Tweakfuzz and it sounded the way I always wanted it to. Thanks very much!
- Kurtis

It's really really good. A sound like a short cable, wow. It works good with the Fuzzbrite. Thank you it's great.
- Michael from Austria

Yes, the pedal arrived and I think it's great. Definitely makes a big difference. Thank you!
- Chance from Georgia

Videos Artists Made - Let me know if you make one and I can post it!

Test how a guitar buffer will sound

Here is the link to the user manaul:

Clarionix ™ Guitar Buffer Pedal - Fuzzsafe Technology User Manual

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